24 Hours CCTV (Closed Circuit Television System)

monitoring the safety and security of our Hostels.


KungFu Hostel / Garden Hostel Tour



We have noticed that some of the illegal/dishonest merchandiser in Hong Kong are counterfeit the name of our Garden Hostel and without our authorization to act on our behalf as booking agent or owners to arrange the room reservations and demanding the room guests to arrange bank - in the advance rents or deposits to their bank account in order to secure bookings.

They even printing our website as supporting vouchers to convince the Guests that they are the Garden Hostel which apparently is not and we will not honor these payments.

For the sake of any financial loss and inconvenience will occur to the room guests we urge you to please ensure that all the bookings are arrange directly thru us to enjoy our warm hospitality and excellent facilities.


We undertaken a series of measures to protect the guests’ interest, these included:-

All bookings and payments to be arranged by Garden Hostel, or in Hong Kong, we have only authorized Shoestring Travel Limited to handle our bookings and we do not appoint or authorize any other Hostels or Agents to act on our behalf.

We would like to stress that we have ONLY one Banking account with details as follow:-

Bank:. Hang Seng Bank Limited

Account no: 295 – 8 - 092427

Name of Account Holder:Garden Hostel

On receipt of the payments, an official receipt will send to you either by fax or e-mail with details of guest’s name and duration of stay with amount duly received.

 Please present copy of the official receipt upon check in.

 For reservations, please contact us by e-mail :- GARDENHOSTEL1@GMAIL.COM and/or shoetvl@hkstar.com

                                                          Telephone: 852 – 2311 1183 / 2721 8567 / 2723 2306

or by                                                           Fax: 2723 6777 / 2721 2085


  • There are adequate licensed hostels fulfilling abundant travelers’ needs. For dormitory beds, the normal rental fee is around 100-120 HKD. For suites, it is usually around 200-350 HKD. No tax will be charged for hostel services.
  • Please don’t stay in an unlicensed hostel, because they don’t follow regulations implemented by the HKSAR government. Before selecting the guest house also pay close attention to rental policies and always go for the best bargaining price.
  • Always be carefully when choosing guest house for your accommodation. Pay close attention to guest house services and do not pay deposit for more then one day. This will allow you to change your guest house immediately in case if you are not satisfied with their services.
  • Traveling guide books are not updated frequently and often misrepresent some places as authors are not personally familiar with many locations.

Sam Lau,
the Chairman of the Tourist Guest Houses Federation of Hong Kong



The Garden Hostel is the only guest house that provides you with a garden and activity room. Because of the owner’s trustful and professional, and the travelers have abundant space to use, we have attracted many tourists here. So, some of the merchants are trying to cheat tourists with some hostel names that similar to “Garden Hostel”.

To avoid being cheated and money loss, please remember:

  • The Garden Hostel is located at the F4 3/F of MiradorMansion, and there is NO OTHER FLOOR.
  • Garden Hostel has never promoted itself at Bus or Train Terminals and streets. If you find any person promoting our hostel at these places, then he must be FAKE and try to mislead you.
  • Our Hostel has a garden with variety of plants and a gymnastic lobby. If you cannot see any garden or lobby, DON’T PAY ANY MONEY.
  • You can contact us at 2311 1183 or send email to gardenhostel1@gmail.com. You can also contact our travelling agency Shoestring Travel at 2723 2306 or email to shoetvl@hkstar.com


The Garden Hostel provides you with a full set of facilities, such as:

  • A real garden with variety of plants;
  • A gymnastic lobby with martial art equipments and sporting facilities;
  • Coin operated karaoke system;
  • Safe lockers;
  • Self-service laundry facilities;
  • Broadband internet connection;
  • Wing Chun kungfu lessons available tutored by Sam Lau, assistant instructor of IpMan.


We also provide travel services in Garden Hostel including air tickets, train tickets to Mainland China, and China Visa. Therefore our guests have no hassle of going out. Our staff speaks fluent English that enable you to communicate with us easily. If you are interested in booking a room or bed from us, please feel free to send us an email at gardenhostel1@gmail.com



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